So is my Love to Me

As clouds that glow in the setting sun
As greening grass on a lazy hill
As the sound of a song to a lonely one
Or an answering call to the whip-poor-will
So is my love to me.

As fragrance to a wild pink rose
Or a mid-day rest on the river bank
Where the waters flow and the shadows lie
And the fronds of the ferns are tall and rank
So right is my love to me.

For wide and calm as the arching sky
And bright as the stars we trace
And high as the moon and deep as the sea
The feeling of joy, as I place
My hand in yours, my love.


25 thoughts on “So is my Love to Me”

  1. For the beauty of words for a loved one

    The entanglement of the years for that remains so strong

    Always connected with one another’s deep souls

    Your chalice is one that is shared

    Always together and committed so strong

    For one loved the words of beauty for a loved one!

    Happy togetherness that remains so strong πŸ’•

    Can I say β€˜Happy Anniversary’?

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  2. Margie, this is another jewel you wrote and shared with us.
    Your soul is beautiful and so kind and your imagination is so creative.
    Thank you, my dear Margie!!!

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  3. Golly gee, you said you’re not good at writing poetry, Margie! I demand my money back! 🀣

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