Sorrow’s Raiment

She wrapped her form in folds
of lifting laughter

that fell like ribbons of hyacinths
and tinkling bluebells at her feet.
She wore her gaiety
like a sparking jeweled tiara
in her hair.
Carefully she draped …
Her mirth must not be gossamer,
sorrow was hidden there.
She remembered soul-sung kisses
tender hands and lips
suffused with wild expectancy
knew of eternal quiescence
on a mosses’ velvet green …
But she thought of one grieved night
when silver wings went sobbing
as they crashed a rocky shore …
Now she finds no sleep
through somber, shrouded nights
and clothed in laughter, no one knows
that she has cause to weep.


25 thoughts on “Sorrow’s Raiment”

      1. So kind, Kim.
        If I do have a gift I would have to say I got it from my mom as she was an amazing writer. She too wrote poetry and wrote a lot of short stories.
        I humbly thank you! ❀

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  1. Margie, a few days ago I wanted to plead you to write another poem but didn’t dare.
    I am so happy that you wrote it! You poem is moving, it’s elegant and sophisticated.
    Thank you for being Margie! You are very, very gifted!
    My all the best to you!

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    1. Mirjam, you are too kind! Reading your comment I knew that you knew just how I was feeling as I wrote this poem. Yes, there were uplifting moments and then came the sadness of desperation. My hubby so often tells me that he does not always understand my poetry but you really do, that makes me happy! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your kind words.

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    1. Robin, it’s so kind of you to be checking on me. I have not been online this week or reading blogs as it’s not been the best week for me. But I am okay and I will be by to visit your blog tomorrow. Thank you for caring. ❀


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