Remember ~ Always ~ Remember ~

When kisses and handshakes have long been forgotten
And people and places no longer seem near
If life’s weary journey gets bad and then rotten
And cares seem to fill you with fear
When all through the daytime you worry
And then in your eye comes a tear
If smiles seem to leave you in a hurry
And people don’t smile when you are near ….

When people you’ve left, you cease to remember
And people you’ve met don’t know that you’re there
When bright June days seem like December
With shadows of gray everywhere
When the burden of living weighs on your heart
And people are cruel and unfair
If no one is present to take your part
And no one is near you to care ….

When you haven’t anyone you can turn to
And your life is beginning to drag
And you can’t do the things that you yearn to
If your hopes seem to die or to lag
When you can’t seem to muster up courage
And your back ‘neath the burden does sag
If you are much too old for your age
And the things that are done seem to nag ….

When you look for some of your old pals
And you think, “Here, perhaps is the end.”
If you hope you’ll be meeting the dear guys and gals
And you’re wondering where summer you’ll spend
Remember ~ there’s one that is always true
There will constantly be someone thinking of you
Remember ~ Always Remember ~ I’m your friend

I am taking a break from blogging.
It’s been 18 months since my sister died and I have been depressed for too
long and need to go into therapy to help me deal with my loss and the deep grief .
I shall miss all of you but I hope to return in better spirits ~
Be well everyone and keep safe and be grateful for all those
wonderful people in your life ~


Security (a memory of my mother) ~

Sometimes, such grace will touch a simple thing,
A gesture, or a word, that it will hold
A meaning far beyond the thing itself.
At evening, when the air was growing cold
I used to watch her gather in her shawl
In folds about her shoulder, in a way
That gave me such delicate joy, hard to define.
It seemed to have some goodness to convey.
For in her was a pool of gentle quietness
A sure repose, untouched by any storm.
I watched her as she gathered in her shawl
And felt enfolded too, in her love, so safe and warm.

I miss you mama ~
the radiance of your pure and shining spirit
still illuminates my path
and guides all of my days ~


Tears were

in her eyelashes,
looking through them

she saw a blurred
world, lined with
where laughter
never ended
and memories
didn’t make you cry,
nothing that was good
ever went away for long.
And hearts were
with love
and never failed
because there
always enough
to go around.
And death
was only a relative term

instead of an end.
The tears swelled
and slipped
as her sigh
down her cheeks,
leaving only
their pale traces,
and a loving wish
behind them.


Sweet soul of my song – Oh, welcome guest
Coming at my bidding, leaving at a breadth
Thrilling, inspiring and exalting thing
Life of my heartstrings, of thee, I sing!

Wings of my fancies, flight of my soul
Door to each mood – cheering to the goal
Strong as the mighty, yet gentle as love
True in your mission, as light from above

Ever bringing to life, at love’s command
True friendship, joy, and triumph – grand.
You speak in your tones of wondrous charm
And into my soul, there creeps a balm
Strengthening, soothing, healing each wound
Holding securely the joys I have found
Walking my ears with the voice of the dove
Calling to being peace, comradeship, and love!

Swaying in silent charm, laughing in glee
Oh soul of eternal joy, I cling to thee!
So joyous in your life of melodious strain
Scarce do you sleep, ere I call you a

Without music, my heart would cease to sing!


I love you
Because you are blue-eyed and clean-limbed
And because every morning I awaken to your kiss
as you run your fingers through your hair.
And you rock your heels when you’re pleased
And swear at little things, and grin at hurdles.
I love you because of the man you are today
and the man you will become.
And because of that small boy you must have been
Who still looks out of your eyes when you smile
And speaks with your voice when you dream.
I love you because, when life has hurt you
With some foul thrust or lightning dart, bitter as rind
You put your head in my lap and say: “I need you. Comfort me!”
I love you because you came one Summer day
And caught my small heart up, and flooded it with ecstasy
Fusing my every thought, my every mood, with yours
Until we conquered time, and space and pain
And dwelt above the stars, one and alone together
I love you because you love me and tell me so
In words and deeds that glow
With love’s bright fire.
And never forget before have I loved
And never forget again will I love
Anyone as I love you
Because you are you,and I am I
And that is the way of it.

Sorrow’s Raiment

She wrapped her form in folds
of lifting laughter

that fell like ribbons of hyacinths
and tinkling bluebells at her feet.
She wore her gaiety
like a sparking jeweled tiara
in her hair.
Carefully she draped …
Her mirth must not be gossamer,
sorrow was hidden there.
She remembered soul-sung kisses
tender hands and lips
suffused with wild expectancy
knew of eternal quiescence
on a mosses’ velvet green …
But she thought of one grieved night
when silver wings went sobbing
as they crashed a rocky shore …
Now she finds no sleep
through somber, shrouded nights
and clothed in laughter, no one knows
that she has cause to weep.

So is my Love to Me

As clouds that glow in the setting sun
As greening grass on a lazy hill
As the sound of a song to a lonely one
Or an answering call to the whip-poor-will
So is my love to me.

As fragrance to a wild pink rose
Or a mid-day rest on the river bank
Where the waters flow and the shadows lie
And the fronds of the ferns are tall and rank
So right is my love to me.

For wide and calm as the arching sky
And bright as the stars we trace
And high as the moon and deep as the sea
The feeling of joy, as I place
My hand in yours, my love.

~ My Mom ~

She put her eager hands about my life
and led me out into the bright new day.
The clean, cool wind blew through my laughing hair.
All wonder glowed upon my waiting face.
She taught me how to love all small and tender things.
She showed me how to mix the wind and rain
into peaceful lullabies.
She taught me about the secret heart of flowers.
We practiced how the robin loves his soul.
She showed me how a rain-pool holds the world.
How I could give a sunset-full of love.

For you ~ Terri ~

This photo was taken on Terri’s last birthday, Sept 18th , 2018.
I was so happy to be with her as we celebrated together with family.
Terri died a few months later, on Dec 31st, one of the saddest days of my life!
Terri lived with ALS for less then three years and died with courage and grace.
(Terri is on the left, she was so beautiful and her smile lit up the world.)

I thought I heard your footsteps
running toward me
disturbing the stones
but when I opened my eyes
I saw it was only the waves
pulling and swirling like hands.

I thought I felt your smile
warm and loving upon my face
but when I opened my eyes
I saw it was only the sun
beaming at me from across the water.

I thought I heard you
whisper my name
but when I opened my eyes
I realized it was only the wind
playing in my hair.

I thought I felt you
softly kiss my cheek
but when I opened my eyes
I saw it was only a leaf
caressing me with gentle strokes.

And then I felt your love
in me and around me
powerful yet gentle like the waves
warm and shining like the sun
soft yet strong like the wind
tender and alive like the leaves
and I didn’t even have
to open my eyes
I knew you
were there.

She was my sister
my best friend
now she is an angel
watching over me.

Sister Faraway Too Long

Is it dark enough, sister?
Do you need the light?
I hung your picture
over my bed
and your eyes
that cannot see
found a corner.
Stay with me
for a little while
I can be your eyes.

The quilt our gramma made
I use it now
to warm me
I pull its thickness
to my chin at night
when the moon
smears through the window.

It is cold here
without you ~ I sleep
in our mother’s robe
the way she taught us
arms ’round our knees
head tucked to chest —

I look out the window
beyond its coppered rivets
and see you, young again
red bicycle with white basket
full of apples and violets.
Stay with me
in this corner which is my room.

Can you see me, sister
past the disrobing of night
the arms of the sun
pulling the darkness away?

Sister, stay with me
we can laugh
and tickle each other
like we did
as young girls
running to the beach.

Sister, I miss you so
but I know you had to go!
In loving memory of my dearest sister Terri who died of ALS
on December 31, 2018.