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This I Know

Grief has its rhythm - first the wild 
swift tide of dark despair
the time of bleak aloneness ~

When even God's not there
and then the slow receding
till quiet calms the sea
and bare, washed sand is everywhere
where castles used to be ~

The gentle lapping of the waves
upon the shore - and then
the pearl-lined shells of memories
to help us smile again ~

Spirit Love

Night summer breeze 
whispering in the trees
dreams of love and you ~
Heart swells
bringing tears to my eyes
thoughts of paradise ~
I kissed the flowers at your grave
knelt and pressed my face to earth ~
Will you come again
upon the breeze
caressing my cheeks
helping me to be brave?

Being Alone

Being alone

is not being lonely

it’s a long walk

on a wide beach

where the only sound

is a bird’s cry

the wind racing a blue sky

and surf riding the shore ~



is being alone

with a room full of people

who don’t care

when despair is a tear

on a frozen cheek

in a bright room ~