Sister Faraway Too Long

Is it dark enough, sister?
Do you need the light?
I hung your picture
over my bed
and your eyes
that cannot see
found a corner.
Stay with me
for a little while
I can be your eyes.

The quilt our gramma made
I use it now
to warm me
I pull its thickness
to my chin at night
when the moon
smears through the window.

It is cold here
without you ~ I sleep
in our mother’s robe
the way she taught us
arms ’round our knees
head tucked to chest —

I look out the window
beyond its coppered rivets
and see you, young again
red bicycle with white basket
full of apples and violets.
Stay with me
in this corner which is my room.

Can you see me, sister
past the disrobing of night
the arms of the sun
pulling the darkness away?

Sister, stay with me
we can laugh
and tickle each other
like we did
as young girls
running to the beach.

Sister, I miss you so
but I know you had to go!
In loving memory of my dearest sister Terri who died of ALS
on December 31, 2018.


50 thoughts on “Sister Faraway Too Long”

    1. John, if you happen to see this comment, I just noticed a little while ago that I am not following your blog.That was not intentional. I went to your blog yesterday to see if you had any new posts and I must have by accident hit the unfollow. I am so sorry! I did that to another follower as well. I am not very good at this WordPress. I love your blog!:)


      1. You don’t have to apologize Margie! Whether by accident or intentional, it doesn’t offend me the slightest. So please don’t worry πŸ™‚

        I currently have my site set to “Private” due to organizing and not flooding your Reader feed while doing so. Hopefully, I’ll have it up soon!

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  1. Dear Margie…

    It is cold here
    without you ~ I sleep
    in our mother’s robe
    the way she taught us
    arms ’round our knees
    head tucked to chest β€”


    She will always be in your heart, just like your mother and grandma..I know how you feel. I know that dreadful heartache that’ll remain forever having lost a lovedone.. Im still here for you like a sister, like a mother, like a grandmother…HUGS!

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    1. Oh, my dearest friend, you just lit up my heart. ❀ How wonderful to see you here! I never expected it. I have been thinking of you so much today and here you show up! Be safe over there in Sydney. Hugs dear friend!


  2. This is the first post of yours I’ve read. Your words are vivid and evocative. I could see and feel your poetry. You can say so much in just one line. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt tribute to your sister.

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    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you mentioned the word heartwarming as my sister was one of the most heartwarming persons I have ever known.
      She was loved by so many people as she always brought joy to their lives.

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  3. Okay it’s hard to type through my tears. These words are so beautiful Margie. You poured your love for Terri onto the page from your heart. I love you. So happy to see your friend Keshi found you here, I know she loves you too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your visit and your kind words mean so much! I so agree about a bond being there with another who has lost a sibling. May you find comfort in your loss and my your memory always be a blessing. ❀


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